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My name is Kunle and I want to testify to the goodness of God
in my life. There are some documents of six different dates which
was missing. The documents were in my care but how the
document got missing, I couldn’t explain. For six months I have
been searching for this same documents but I meet with dead 
ends. One day, a mail was sent to me from the central unit where 
this document are meant to be kept inquiring about the where 
about of the six days. I do send documents of each day on a 
quarterly basis to the central unit. I didn’t know what to do. I 
started asking myself, is this how am going to loose my job, 
what is going to happen to me. 
What explanation am I going to give? Lots of thought came
into my mind. I prayed for God’s intervention for me to see
this document because my job is on the line, if I can’t find
these documents. I started searching again. To God be the glory,
I found this documents that I have been searching for in the past
six months in place that I have searched severally. My sisters
and brothers there is noting God cannot do for you if you put
your faith, trust and believe in him. Thank you Lord.

The blessings and peace of the Lord which surpasses 
all human understanding be upon you now and always. 


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