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“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, 
  That saved a wretch like me, I once 
  was lost but now am found, 
  Was blind but now I see.”
     (John Newton 1725-1807)

Pray this Prayer,

Alpha and Omega, I have being lost to your presence. 
I have worked and achieved without putting you first.
I have committed sin in different forms and ways.
I have gone against the Ten Commandments given 
to us through Moses. I have named the name of 
Christ but have not departed from iniquities. I was 
blind and deaf to your word because I believe it 
doesn’t matter since things worked for me. Lord, 
you are the Greatest, you gave me an opportunity 
to redeem myself and you opened my eyes to see 
what I have been doing wrong. Lord, as I change 
a new leaf I pray that all the good things and 
blessings you have installed, provided and kept 
for me from all four corners of this world shall 
start to find and locate me in Jesus Christ Name. 

The blessings and peace of the Lord which surpasses 
all human understanding be upon you now and always. 


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