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“We will soon shout hallelujah Because 
 GOD will do new things poverty will 
 be forgotten  stagnancy will be gone 
 shout hallelujah 
 Because God will do new things 
 Rivers in desert now flowing 
 Hallelujah to our King.” 
 (Pastor E.A. Adeboye)

Pray this Prayer,
Father, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords and 
the Jehovah Jireh. I have experienced poverty;
not just poverty in daily bread, not just poverty 
in money to spend, not just poverty in material 
things that will make me function, I have 
experienced poverty in my spiritual life. Poverty 
as turned me into a beggar and as made me 
stagnant which could lead to death. Lord, I pray 
from this moment the spirit of poverty shall be 
destroyed from my life and shall be forgotten. 
I shall be able to work and reap the fruit of my 
labour, I shall be able to give to the needy, I 
shall be filled with spiritual upliftment, I shall 
move forward in everything I do, the Lord 
shall bless me according to his Glorious 
riches and all glory shall be yours Lord 
in Jesus Christ Name. Amen.
The blessings and peace of the Lord which surpasses 
all human understanding be upon you now and always. 


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