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Chris Gomez was a 19 year front man of popular rock cover bands.
After many spiritual revelations he finally surrendered his life to the
Lord completely in June 2013. Letting the life of a rock star go and
turning to a life dedicated to God was no easy task for Chris. He 
realizes now that his talents must deliver a message as he has finally 
found his true calling. The Lord is speaking through Chris’ writing 
and singing. Delivering the message of God with kindness and 
compassion is truly the greatest calling of life.

Chris Gomez has been no stranger to trouble as he became heavily 
addicted to hard street drugs from 2001 to 2003. In those three 
years, Chris lost everything he owned to pawn shops, drug deals, 
and foreclosures.
Chris will tell you himself, “When I was sick and tired of being sick 
and tired, I walked away from hard drugs in 2003 and never looked 
In June of 2013 Chris plead his life to God at the most broken 
moment of his career. "I told God", Chris says, "I'll do anything and 
everything you want to take the pain and conviction out of my heart. 
Look at the voice and guitar skills you gave me!! Send me out into 
the world to sing for you I don't care I just need this pain and 
conviction to go away! My life is unmanageable. I am dysfunctional. 
I beg you to help me. I'll do anything you want".
 Chris woke up the next morning still sitting in the car seat he had 
pleaded his life to God in the night before. That was the day he 
permanently left the mainstream music business and dedicated the 
rest of his life to the Lord. He feels that he made a promise to God 
that is as serious to him as God's promises are to all of us in the Bible.

Redemption always makes for a great story and Chris’ story is indeed 
a great example of how anyone can turn their life around even in their 
worst moments. Chris has now devoted his life to Jesus and spreading 
the good word of the Lord to all who will listen. dear friends, Chris Gomez here. I want to say that I am 1st a vessel 
of the Lord and second a musician. Ministry must always be the first and 
foremost reason for what I do. 
Sent by Chris Gomez.

The blessings and peace of the Lord which surpasses 
all human understanding be upon you now and always. 


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