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God is the Great provider. He his the Jehovah Jireh. 
He is the only one that can meet all your needs at any
time. Let us assume you ate food once a day through
out last year, God provided 365 meals for you that 
kept you alive and didn’t need to beg before you eat. 
You have 365 meals and more to be grateful for. 
You are not among the over 100 million people 
around the world who do not have a home or shelter 
to stay in. You have a place to call home, you have a 
place to lay your head, you have a place to live. He did 
not only provided food  and shelter but also provided all 
other things for your daily usage. 
My sisters and brothers in the Lord, it is evident that
what we can only do is to thank God for all provisions
he has given us.Thank you Lord.

The blessings and peace of the Lord which surpasses 
all human understanding be upon you now and always. 


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